First an introduction to usb and internet in Denmark

You must use a USB modem to put a sim card in – exactly as in a mobile phone.

When you order a solution, you can usually choose to buy with or without a USB modem and the price is obviously cheaper without.

When you receive your sim card, put it into the modem and put the modem in your PC.

Your PC will find the modem and install it along with the small program you will have to click when you want to open for the mobile Internet.

How fast an internet you get depends on how the coverage is in your area and what speed you have purchased access to.

Using Mobile Broadband

The first thing to consider is HOW MUCH you are going to use the mobile broadband.

How much = your data usage in Gigabyte (GB)

All mobile broadband providers in Denmark has a spending limit.

You get in other words, allowed to use mobile broadband to a specified limit, you can not just be online constantly, as with ordinary adsl Internet.


ISPs set limit in Gigabyte = GB.

Here you can then use e.g. 1 GB of traffic per month. When the month is over, you get a new 1 GB usage on your account. You can keep track of how much you spend in the small program that always comes with the USB modem you get. If you use above the the 1 GB limit, the IPS reduced your internet speed to a very low rate, but does not close 100% down.

1 GB = surfing and checking e-mails about. 20 days per. month for 1-2 hours.

5 GB = surfing daily and checking mails and downloading some files and images.

10 GB = surfing several times a day, sending large pictures and listening to music.

20 GB = you are online a lot and use mobile broadband as the primary connection.

10 GB cover most needs.

The next thing you should consider is WHERE in Denmark you want to use the mobile broadband.


In Denmark the various mobile broadband providers use each their own mobile network to send data back and forth between your USB modem and the Internet. There si both 3G and 4G networks in Denmark..

The Mobile providers coverDenmark very differently, and the best company is in 2012 Oister, 3 mobile and TDC.


3G and 4G coverage is very important!

Let us take an example:

TDC has set a lot of masts up all over Denmark. When you connect your modem, TDC will catch the signal from one of the masters who are closest and it will from that mast the data will be send to and from, when you surfs the internet.

It is therefore important that there is a mast close to your position, so you get a good signal.

Mobile broadband is in that way, that you need to have a good signal to get online with a stable connection. If the signal is very poor, you will find that your internet is slow, it turns off all the time and you can not surf properly. It is extremely annoying and destroys your entire experience.

The farther you are from the nearest mast, the slower internet you will experience.

You must therefore make sure that the provider you look at, now also has a strong signal close to the places in Denmark where you want to use the internet.

You can find that information on the providers coverage maps “dækningskort” (in Danish)


Check coverage on the ISP websites

At coverage maps, you can enter the addresses you expect to use mobile broadband mostly, so you can see how good signal you can expect to experience. If the signal is very poor, you get a slow speed and it does not matter whether you are buying a solution to Dkr. 299 per month partial Dkr. 99.00 per. month. It is up to you to make sure you’ve checked the coverage before you buy, the providers can not guess where in Dk you plan to put it in your PC and connect to their masts.

If you think it sounds too difficult to check coverage maps, you can choose to buy from one of the ISPs that use the best nationwide 3G mast network and it is those who use 3 Mobile and TDC mastenet.

If you choose the easy way, you have to only choose from the between the following providers:

Oister, TDC, Telmore and Fullrate

All other uses the Telenor and Telia networkt and the network is not quite as wide covering with 3G. (Telia has best 4G coverage in the cities though.)


Priceses in Denmark

The are following different ways to buy.

1: Fast subscription with the same price every month. You are bound in 6 months.

2: Fixed price each month. You can stop when you want =. no bond.

3: Pay after consumption = price per. daily or hourly. Price pr MB you use it.

Se all prices here

Fixed price with bonding.

Fixed price each month with bond, is for you who know that you are going to use it every month, at least 6 months. The advantage of committing 6 months, is that you get a USB modem included in the price and save you around Dkr. 299. (Most choosen this option for Danes)

The downside is that you are bound to pay each month, even if you suddenly have no use for it anymore.


Fixed price without bond

Do not have to use mobile broadband in all 6 months, it may be advantageous to purchase a mobile broadband without bond. You can then stop your subscription from the month you do not need it anymore.

There you can save a lot of money. Why have it lying in the drawer and cost money
The downside is that the modem you need for your PC, will not be included in the price.
Find all prices compered on the biggest Danish mobile broadband website here


Cash and Tank solutions

You may need to use mobile broadband 1 single day and no more at all, yes or 2-3 days a year

Then pay pr MB og GB is cheapest for you.

The downside is that it is expensive for the one or two days you use it, but in the long term, it is therefore the cheapest option.

Another disadvantage is that you ladle to pay for usb modem and buy it in a package, it can be neatly expensive for you to be online a few days – but remember that it is much cheaper in the long term compared with a monthly subscription.


Now you are ready to choose a provider

Have you read the entire guide, you are now well prepared to see through the many different deals and offers from Danish providers of mobile broadband.

If you are unsure whether you should choose 3G or 4G? Chose 3G – the coverage in Dk is so mutch better for 3G – especially in summer vacation eras.


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